Here is a ROUGH color comp that I am playing with.  I am going to try and push some dramatic lighting but with a limited pallet. I like to do these quick 20 min color comps to figure out everything before I actually rebuild the file from the ground up. Aiming to get mood, lighting, values and using only about 6-7 colors in the final. Wish me luck! I like to show this rough crap to establish how much time and work it takes for me to figure things out as the piece grows. It probably looks like shit all the way until the last 3 min or so… then I hate it a few hours later haha. Its good to feel frustration and be humbled by how much there is to be learned…


Tribute to Saul Bass & Associates, Idea Magazine, 1979. Japan. The complete magazine with lots of great projects from the master via design et typo

Vision of disorder - Romana

Manchester to London poster I had the pleasure of screenprinting for @rapha went on sale today. All proceeds to Ambitious about Autism. Limited edition of #120, 4-colour screenprints on Imperial Blue Colorplan. Beautiful graphic design as always.


Beautiful two colors book for Museum of Fine Arts Viktor Suszter& Lead82& Daniel Nemeth& David Lencses& Zalán Péter Salát